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Since 1971

High-Tech in Polyurethane

From the start in 1971 LUC specializes in producing and processing hot cast and cured polyurethane (PUR) elastomers, a material which combines the strength of plastic with the elasticity of rubber. The enhanced properties make their use in many cases preferable over that of a classic rubber or thermoplastic material.
LUC excels with a very profound knowledge of polyurethane chemistry, which is especially reflected by the numerous formulations and processing methods. In addition,  the formulations and processing methods may be altered in order to meet with specific customers’ requirements.

LUC processes many different classic polyurethane systems, with the brand names Vulkollan®, Adiprene® and Baytec® being the most commonly known. In addition to these systems LUC processes many proprietary formulations where polyether, polyester and other polyols are combined with diisocyanates such as NDI, TDI, MDI, PPDI and CHDI, and with different cross-linking agents.

Due to many years of research LUC has been able to develop and produce these proprietary polyurethane systems, known in the market as LUCANYL, LUCTHAAN, LUCHYD and LUC-THS/R. LUC has an ongoing research and development program which will lead to new future Polyurethane materials with special properties.

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Since 1971

On 6 June 1971 Mr. and Mrs. Winkens founded the company Limburgse Urethaan Chemie BV in Brunssum, The Netherlands. The engineer Mr. Winkens as a specialist for the polyurethane chemistry, and his wife as a businesswoman, started to produce, process and sell polyurethane elastomers. The small company developed quickly and in 1980 a new manufacturing plant was established in the industrial estate Bouwberg in Brunssum. After subsequent major expansions in 1984, 1988, 2000 and 2020 this facility now covers a production area of 6000 m² and is therefore the biggest plant of its type in The Netherlands.

Further expansion towards a global presence

Right from the beginning lots of small parts were and still are produced and recovered, especially wheels, rolls, rings and moulded parts. By the end of the eighties LUC had also started to re-cover bigger rolls and soon a new production plant for these products was planned.
In 1993 LUC opened a new production facility in Maasmechelen, Belgium. The newly founded company Limburgse Urethane Castings NV grew rapidly, and in 1999 the production area was almost doubled and now covers 6000 m². The largest production facility of polyurethane elastomers in the region was established.

In 1993 the sales activities were expanded by opening a new company, LUC Urethan Kunststoff GmbH in Neuss, Germany, specifically responsible for the sales to German-speaking countries. In December 2004 the offices were moved to Jüchen. At this new location a service centre was created, to support the activities of the sales office in Germany.

In 2000 LUC established a company in Hungary, LUC Kft., and opened a new production plant in Piliscsaba. From this facility LUC is supplying all types of coverings to Eastern Europe and Austria. In 2003 the activities of LUC Kft. moved to Esztergom and this facility was expanded with a new 1000 m² building in 2008.

A major step into the UK market was made in 2005, when LUC acquired the South Wales Roller Company in Newport, Wales, as of 2008 named LUC (UK) Ltd. With this acquisition LUC incorporated a facility to make roll coverings in rubber elastomers. In 2009 LUC (UK) moved both rubber and PU manufacturing to a completely new build to purpose 1200 m² facility in Dowlais.

In 2014 it was decided to cross the Atlantic and open the first facility in the Americas. The company LUC Urethanes, Inc. was established and a completely new 1850 m² production plant was built in Conroe, Texas. The facility opened in 2015.


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Limburgse Urethaan Chemie BV

Boschstraat 31, 6442 PB,
Brunssum, The Netherlands

Monday – Friday
08.00 AM – 15.30 PM

Phone: +31 45 5270300
Email: sales@lucgroup.com

Limburgse Urethane Castings NV

Slakweidestraat 18, B-3630,
Maasmechelen Belgium 

Monday – Thursday
07.30 AM – 15.00 PM
07.30 AM – 14.00 PM

Phone: +32 89 773809 
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LUC Urethan Kunststoff GmbH

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Phone: +49 2165 8726 0
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LUC Kft.

Monday – Friday
08.00 AM – 14.00 PM

Phone: +36 33 501 195
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LUC (UK) Ltd.

Goat Mill Industrial Park (East),
Dowlais Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 3TD, United Kingdom 

Monday – Thursday
07.30 AM – 16.00 PM
07:30 – 12:00

Phone: +44 1685 371 888
Email: sales@lucgroup.com

LUC Urethanes, Inc.

3411 Pollok Drive Conroe,
TX 77303, USA 

Monday – Friday
08.00 AM – 15.00 PM

Phone: +1 (936) 539 2170
Email: sales@lucgroup.com

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