How we can help

We are here to assist, beyond just the manufacturing of PU parts!

The LUC team can help you with much more than manufacturing PU parts. Whether you are engineering company or an OEM designing your own equipment, or an end-user trying to solve a problem or reducing your total cost of ownership, in all cases there are ways LUC can assist.

Design & Analysis

LUC can assist in a number of different ways when you are designing new equipment.
If you have a functional specification, LUC will take ownership of selecting the right PU grade or present you several options with their pros and cons. The evaluation process includes load calculations with LUC’s proprietary material model.
If you need material data for your calculations, LUC can provide this, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, friction data and stress-strain data for your FE analysis.
LUC might also make design recommendations to increase manufacturability of the parts and hence reduce manufacturing and tooling costs.
Therefore it’s important to contact the LUC team at an early stage in the design.

Total Cost Of Ownership

LUC’s approach in the cooperation with many customers has become synonymous with the reduction of total cost of ownership for these customers and their equipment.
Over 400 different polyurethane material grades allow LUC, in close cooperation with the customer, to choose the correct material with the best suitable properties and best performance for each specific application in many different industries.
The result is a longer working lifetime of the polyurethane coverings and an additional improvement in the overall performance of production processes.
Cost saving is achieved not only by reducing the number of items or recoverings to be purchased, but also by reducing downtime and maintenance hours needed.

Total cost

If you want to learn more about possible options for your situation you can contact us and make an appointment for a visit of one of our Technical Sales Engineers or Managers. Together with you or your team an analysis of your process and equipment will be made. Based on this analysis LUC will propose improvements for you to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.

Qualification Testing

When designing new equipment or using existing equipment with new functional specifications it might be required to carry out qualification testing. LUC can help with this.
Bespoke equipment is available for friction testing, wheel testing and compression testing and LUC’s R&D team can help to set up a specific test, if required, for example to assess chemical resistance.

Refurbishment & Repair

When the polyurethane or rubber covering on a roller, wheel or other part is worn out, in a lot of cases this part can be refurbished, to some extent even if there is also damage to the metal body.
If an assessment of the metal body is required, upon receipt of the parts a strip & inspect will be carried out and a recommendation will be made regarding necessity and feasibility of the mechanical repair.

Research & Development

Right from the beginning in 1971 a profound knowledge of polyurethane chemistry and the drive to develop new and better materials has been the heart of the matter and the key for success at LUC. This didn’t change in 50 years, so nowadays Research & Development is still top priority.
For this purpose extensive Research & Development and Laboratory facilities are available, centralised on the locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. 

  • General research to increase PU knowledge
  • Development of new materials
  • Measurement of material properties
  • Deriving material models
  • Application research for specific customer applications
  • Material qualification tests
  • Failure analysis
  • Evaluation of and search for (new) raw materials
  • Quality control of (raw) materials
  • Mechanical Property test equipment
  • Chemical resistance test
  • Lab scale dynamic wheel test
  • Ride Simulator: full scale test for roller coaster wheels
  • Lab scale friction test
  • Full scale Friction Tester for tensioner pads
  • Compression test for tensioner pads

For specific tests which cannot be carried out in-house LUC works with several certified partners.

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