For a number of years LUCHYD has been a reliable polyurethane system, which was developed by LUC. The selective choice of raw materials make LUCHYD a very special polyurethane, and compared to conventional polyurethane systems it provides enhanced resistance towards hydrolytic media and diluted acids. The physical properties remain on a very high level. LUCHYD is produced with hardnesses ranging from 70 to 95 Shore A.

With the follow-up product LUCHYD-AR it is possible to achieve excellent resistance and extended standing times with squeeze rollers in pickling lines in highly concentrated acid and lye basins (with temperatures up to 95°C).

Due to the reduced wear-in at the edges of the strip and the high cutting strength of LUCHYD and LUCHYD-AR, re-grinding intervals could be increased substantially and therefore maintenance costs could be reduced significantly.

Subsequently, both LUCHYD and LUCHYD-AR are increasingly applied in areas where traditionally only rubber materials were used. The great advantage here is that all parts of the rollers (bale, sides, pivots) are coated “in one go”, which means without any joints.

Available Types: 

LUCHYD is available as a standard grade and as a special AR grade with extended chemical resistance.

LUCHYD in 70 – 95 Shore A
especially for applications in the rinsing area of pickling sections and in electrolytic galvanizing units

LUCHYD-AR  in 70 – 85 Shore A
especially for applications in pickling and degreasing units (suitable for hydrochloric, sulphuric, phosphoric, chromium, nitric and mixed acids; sodium hydroxide)

Squeeze rollers
Wringer rollers