Due to its chemical structure, LUCTEC is a high-performance polyurethane system which combines high wear resistance with excellent resistance against mineral oils, greases and many solvents. LUCTEC is made in hardnesses from 40 Shore A to 95 Shore A and provides high toughness and tear strength, good elongation, high elasticity and excellent tear resistance.

Because of good friction properties and its resistance against kerosene, LUCTEC is the preferred material for bridle and guide rollers in the aluminium as well as the steel industry.

Good mechanical properties in the lower hardness range and the homogeneity of the material make LUCTEC-CA the preferred choice for coating and printing rollers.

Available Types: 

LUCTEC is available as a standard grade and in various special grades, each individually designed for a specific area of use.

LUCTEC in 40 – 90 Shore A
standard grade

LUCTEC-CA in 40 – 60 Shore A
very good solvent resistance (paint)


LUCTEC-TF in 60 – 95 Shore A
very good toughness and high friction


LUCTEC-DT in 80 – 95 Shore A
enhanced dynamic load bearing capacity


Applicator rollers
Booster wheels
Brake blocks
Bridle rollers
Coating rollers
Contact rolls
Conveyor rollers
Cot wheels
Diabolo rollers
Drive rollers/drums
Drive wheels
Driver rollers
Elasto springs
Embossing rollers
End stops
Glue rollers
Moulded parts
Pads for rubber-pad forming of sheet metal
Pinch rollers
Print rolls
Rebound rings
Slitter rings
Spring blocks
Spring elements
Steering rollers
Support rollers
Wear parts
Wear protection
Wheels for timber peeling equipment