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Since 1971 | 50 years of experience in polyurethanes!

We specialize in producing and processing hot cast and cured polyurethane elastomers. From day one the profound knowledge of polyurethane chemistry has been the center around which the business developed.
This is especially reflected by the numerous formulations and processing methods available today.

Our Products

Custom-made, according to your specific requirements!

Our Products

Custom-made, according to your specific requirements!


For all kind of vehicles, roller coasters, warehousing and logistics systems, material handling systems, industrial equipment, …


For (cold) rolling mills, strip and sheet processing and finishing lines, pipe mills, offshore installation equipment, plastic pelletizing, food processing equipment, material handling systems, industrial equipment, …

Moulded parts

Friction pads and bearing blocks for offshore installation, spring blocks and dampers, rebound rings, sleeves for chopping/cutting processes, functional elements for industrial equipment, wear parts, …

Our Materials

We can offer over 400 different polyurethane material grades for these products, where each material grade will have its own specific set of properties.

materials names

Our Services

Supporting your business and operations, whether you design, build or operate equipment!

Industries We Serve

Serving many industries, all around the world!

Steel & Aluminium

Supplying rollers to OEM’s for new cold rolling mills and processing and finishing lines, but even more working together with end-users to reduce their total cost of ownership, using higher end PU grades.

Offshore Energy

As one of the pioneers in developing special PU grades for rollers and tensioner pads for pipe laying equipment, we are still a leading supplier to the oil & gas industry, but nowadays also supplying to the offshore renewable industry.

Amusement Rides

Supplying to the leisure industry since the 1980’s, we have the experience and knowledge to provide wheels for the most challenging and fastest roller coasters in the world.

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